Funny Slip Trip Fall Safety Video


Did you know most workplace accidents come from slips, trips, and falls!?!

But with the right knowledge, ALL are preventable! But here's the question: How to get that knowledge into your employees heads, without boring them? This Funny Slip Trip Fall Video, "Slip, Trip, Fall, Explode!!!" is the latest entry in the popular "Training Without Boredom" video collection. 15 minutes of crucial info on slips, trips, and falls - AND how to avoid them, mixed with funny cartoons and acted scenes that will keep your people wide awake. You and your staff will learn the common culprits, and what to do about lighting, walking surfaces, footwear, slippery floors, spills, clutter, housekeeping, uneven surfaces, stairs and ladders, transporting objects, keeping your eyes on the path, the importance of planning, and your own habits. Best yet, the DVD contains TWO VERSIONS of the video - one for office, manufacturing, retail, sales, etc. AND a totally different version just for construction jobsites! Order "Slip, Trip, Fall, Explode!!!" now, and get a grip on our biggest, meanest accident producer. This video was totally redone in June of 2012.


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Funny Slips Trips Falls Video